Fertility challenges behind Craig’s Marathon effort

by | Sep 28, 2021 | UK Fertility News

Craig McAllister’s four-year battle to become a father is his inspiration for running the London Marathon: he wants to give back to the charity Fertility Network who support everyone facing fertility struggles.

Raising money for Fertility Network UK

Craig, 30, who lives in Worcester, says:

Fertility Network UK are an amazing charity, and with their support I have been lucky enough to secure a place in the London Marathon in 2021. This will enable me to raise awareness of infertility and funds to support the work the charity does to help more people on their fertility journey. I hope you will follow and support me on this too.’

Craig and his wife Kat, 28, tried for four years to become pregnant. However, as Kat suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), they knew it could be more difficult to conceive. Sadly, their first attempt at IVF attempt ended in failure and a second try resulted in Kat suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

When Kat was finally ready to try again, the good news that she was finally pregnant was quickly replaced by grief when the couple found out that their precious pregnancy was ectopic. ‘We were absolutely devastated,’ says Craig. ‘One minute so hopeful and the next so desolate.’

The couple rallied and tried one last time, having two embryos transferred.

Craig says:

‘In September 2018 we had an early scan and were overjoyed to discover we were expecting twins. We were in complete disbelief that finally, after such a difficult and traumatic journey, we could now look forward. Our beautiful daughters Mikeala and Lillie arrived on April 7th 2019 and our life has been transformed.’

‘Although a difficult journey, full of worry with so many competing emotions we are so thankful for the support we received. That’s why when I decided to run the London Marathon, I had to do it for Fertility Network, the UK’s leading patient fertility charity. Please do support me and Fertility Network run the marathon.’

Fertility Network chief executive Gwenda Burns said:

‘1 in 6 couples experience the heartbreak of infertility. That’s someone on every street in the UK. But far too many people struggle alone without help. Fertility Network is the leading patient-focused fertility charity and we are here to provide advice and support for every individual facing fertility problems, whatever stage of their fertility journey. We rely on donations to continue our work, please do donate to Craig’s fundraiser and help us continue our work.’

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