Fertility App

The Fertility Consent App comprises five main features: education materials, clinic information, document management, appointments and messaging.

Unlike other fertility apps which focus on getting pregnant, the Fertility Consent App is designed to support patients, and their partners, through their fertility treatment.

Intuitively designed it is an invaluable tool for clinics to help patients learn about the medical and legal aspects of their fertility treatment.

It guides and tracks the patient through each stage of their fertility cycle, getting real-time updates and ensuring they can contact their fertility team when needed.

My Fertility Treatment

Clinic Information



Allows the clinic to keep in touch with real-time updates and alerts, and allows patients to send messages if they have any questions or concerns.


Allows patients to plan their week around clinic appointments and ensures fertility medications are ordered and delivered on time.

My Documents

Provides convenient access to clinic documents and signed forms for patients to avoid using email to send personal information.