Informed consent, conveniently delivered.

Fertility Consent is an online platform for fertility clinics to deliver tailored medical and legal information, plus the required consent forms, for each patient’s fertility treatment.

Informed consent for UK fertility clinics

For Fertility Clinics

Fertility clinics need a robust informed consent process that engages and educates patients and their partners through their fertility journey.

Apart from being an ethical requirement, fertility clinics must demonstrate a robust informed consent process to ensure patients receive all the relevant information in relation to both the medical and legal aspects of their fertility treatment.

Fertility Consent provides a ready to use library of materials which explains each fertility treatment and each HFEA form in a clear and engaging way.

We also provide a complete library of HFEA consent forms which are automatically allocated to each patient and partner according to their treatment and personal circumstances. We can also convert and upload your clinic forms to support your paperless clinic.

All forms are completed online, at home or in the clinic, with different signing options e.g. electronic signatures or ‘wet ink’ signatures.

Used by over 60% of fertility clinics in the UK

For Patients

Fertility Consent is designed to help patients and their partners navigate the medical and legal issues involved with fertility treatment in an easy and convenient way.

We understand having fertility treatment is both an exciting, and sometimes stressful time. We provide fertility clinics with a portal which has both medical and legal information specific to your treatment. You can access this at your convenience from home or on the go.

It is important that you have all the relevant information and the time to digest it. This gives plenty of time to discuss the decisions needed with your partner, and opportunities to discuss any concerns or questions with your fertility clinic.

This is known as informed consent and is here to ensure you and your partner know what medical and legal decisions you are agreeing to before you start your fertility treatment.

Fertility Consent