Clinic Portal

Branded and customised for your patients

Clinics have their own branded portal containing all the clinic forms, HFEA forms and education videos about fertility treatments.

Patients and their partners gain access through the secure portal where these education materials and forms are automatically assigned according to their demographics and specific fertility treatment type.

For convenience patients can access their informed consent materials from their computers, tablets or smartphones, and our workflow automation tools allow forms to be signed digitally – either at home or in the clinic.

Clinic efficiency

Compliance and automated checks

Fertility Consent has a library of all the HFEA forms which can be completed online with different policies of how and where they need to be signed.

We can also convert your patient registration forms, medical questionnaires and clinic consent forms so patients can complete them online which significantly reduces the time spent handling and processing paper forms.

Electronic signature technology

Our secure platform keeps all information private and uses digital signature technologies to electronically sign forms.

We use electronic signature technology that conforms to the EIDAS standard providing an electronic record of who signed each form. Each signed form is saved and digitally sealed in PDF format which if tampered with will automatically become invalidated.

Integration with electronic medical records

Most modern electronic medical record systems have open APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and we can integrate with all the major systems used by UK fertility clinics.

We also have our own API so other applications can seamlessly integrate our informed consent process in to their patient journey.

Mobile device support

For convenience patients can access their informed consent materials from their computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Fertility Consent App brings additional functionality for messaging and processing consent materials and forms off-line.